4 Things to Double-Check on Your Big Day

After months, weeks, and maybe even years of preparation, the big day has finally arrived. You’ll have been up to your ears in advice and organisation. Most aspects will have been planned right down to the last detail. It is only natural to want a few days off to unwind before the final event but there are also things to be aware of. Some unforeseen circumstances and hiccups are inevitable. They all add to the individual character of your big day and all that really matters is that you’re marrying the one you love. But there four three key areas that are always worth double checking before everything begins.

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1) Your Dress

There are two common situations. Either you’ve tried your dress on day in day out because you’re simply too excited to leave it alone. Or you have tried it on once and been too terrified to do so again for fear of damaging it. Whichever matches you most closely, now is the time to make sure everything is just as you want it. Search carefully for any flaws, stains, or threads that are likely to loosen. Have the number of a seamstress or a family member who is experienced at sewing on speed dial. Wardrobe malfunctions can happen to the bride, groom, and everyone in between. Feeling self-conscious about a hole or snag in the fabric is the last thing you want on the day. Prepare well, check thoroughly, and you can relax on the day.

2) Your Caterer

It is likely that your wedding will span most of the day and evening. Naturally, your guests are going to be hungry and need refreshment. Ensure that the caterers have everything they need, are ready to deliver, and that the bar is well stocked. Whatever your budget, smooth catering gives a sense of abundance, organisation, and celebration. Don’t risk leaving things until the last minute.

3) Your Photographer

You probably spent a good deal of time selecting a photographer who is perfect for your needs and tastes. Double-check your booking and don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you are not accustomed to posing. Lesley Meredith Wedding Photographers have experience in both male and female portraits, for example. They can advise and give confidence to both the bride or groom. Your wedding album is something you will revisit for the rest of your lives together. Be certain to get things right.

4) Your Travel

The time has come. You’re needed at the venue and your spouse-to-be is waiting. This could be one of the most exciting and nerve-racking moments of your life. You don’t want anything extra on your mind. Make sure to have made bookings for reliable, comfortable transport that will get you to your destination. It sounds obvious, but do not leave booking a taxi to the last minute or waiting for a friend. Professional transport that you can rely on is one less thing to think about on the day, and will keep your schedule running smoothly.

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