Awful Wedding Day Disasters You Need To Avoid

When you are planning a wedding, you know that there are all manner of things that could go wrong. Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, but what if it goes sour? You can’t predict the future and see how your big day will pan out, but you can do your best to stop mistakes happening. If you want to have the perfect day, you need to think about what could ruin it. Here are some awful wedding day disasters you should avoid

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Your Ex Ruins Your Wedding

You might think that inviting your ex to your wedding is no big deal, but it could be. Sure, you are friends right now, but will you still be after he has had a few beers at the bar? You might be inviting him as a peace offering, but there is no need to do so. Your ex will understand why you have left him off your guest list. He probably won’t even care about it. Leaving him out is much better than having to explain why the pair of you had a massive argument at your reception.

Children Get Unruly and Damage Things

Of course, you need to let your friends bring their kids to your wedding. It is unfair to ask everybody to get babysitters. That said, you need to ensure that those children behave themselves. When children find things boring, they make some entertainment for themselves. Often, that means that they make a mess. Let’s face it, a wedding is not entertaining for a young child. Therein lies your problem. Talk to any parents who are coming and explain that they need to control their children.

Nosebleeds (and Other Health Issues)

Your wedding day should be super special, but it can also be quite stressful. Sometimes, when people stress out, they suffer from nosebleeds and other health issues. If you know that you have this issue, you should do something about it before the day itself. Blood on your beautiful white dress is a surefire way to put you in a bad mood before you walk down the aisle. You can stop nosebleeds by pinching the top of our nasal cavity. In the lead up to your wedding, you should practice this technique. You ought to work on your stress levels as well so that you are unlikely to have this issue.

The Wedding Venue is Too Small

One thing, which could kill the atmosphere of a wedding, is if the place is too small for you and your guests. If it all feels a little too intimate, people will want to leave. People don’t like to feel as though they don’t have their personal space. As a rule, choose a venue that is larger than you think you need. The wedding venues in Utah County, for example, tend to be massive. Having a space that is big enough for everybody in your wedding party will make all the difference to your reception. Talk to your wedding planner about the place you choose and see what they think.

Family Feuds and Arguments

Let’s face it – it doesn’t feel like a family event unless someone is causing an argument. Well, you need to put a stop to that. When you look back on your big day, you want to remember how wonderful it was, not how your uncle and aunt had a massive fight. If there are family members who don’t get along, you need to talk to them. Tell them that they can only come to your wedding if they behave themselves. If they think that there might be an issue, they should not attend your wedding at all.

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