Brides: Find the Ultimate Wedding Gown With This Guide

If you asked a bride what the most important part of her wedding day was, she’d probably say the dress. The dress is a key part of the wedding ceremony, helping to set the theme. Everybody is interested in what the bride will wear, so of course she wants to stun the people she’s invited. There are literally thousands of dresses to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you have to um and ah for months. Simply use this guide and you’ll quickly find the ultimate wedding gown:

Consider Your Heritage and Traditions

This step is optional, but it might be nice for you to stay in keeping with your heritage and/or family traditions. Every family has their own background story and traditions, so it’s up to you whether you’d like this to play a part in your big day. Indian wedding sarees would be a perfect way to pay homage to your Indian ancestors, for instance. Get creative to come up with a wedding that’s unique and memorable!

Make a List of the Features You’re Looking For

What must you absolutely have when it comes to your dress? Should it be pure white? Cream? Have a princess style skirt? Make a list of the features that you don’t want to waver on, and only try on gowns with these features. Bear in mind that being too restrictive when it comes to the dress style might stop you from finding a dress that suits you even more. Be sensible; the dress you have in mind might not be the one you end up choosing!

Make a Shortlist of Dresses to Try On

When you go to different wedding dress shops, make a shortlist of dresses that you’d like to try on. By keeping the list as short as possible, you won’t confuse yourself too much. However, try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. I suggest trying on one or two style dresses that you had in mind, and maybe a wildcard to mix things up a bit. Something that doesn’t look that great on the hanger, might look amazing on you.


Always Take People You Trust Along With You

No bride goes dress shopping alone. She always takes people she trusts with her, such as her mother, sisters, and best friends. You can take as many as you like, but you should care about their opinion for their invite to be warranted. They’ll tell you when you look amazing and when a dress doesn’t really suit you. When you have everybody in tears, you know you’ve found ‘the dress!’.

Take Photos

You don’t have to buy the dress on the day. Take pictures of the dresses you really liked so you can look back at them a little later and make your decision if you need to. That being said, many women ‘just know’ when it’s the right dress and must have it on the spot.

Use these tips and you’ll find the ultimate guide in the shortest amount of time. Happy shopping!

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