Choosing The Best Entertainment For Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding entertainment is important – the type of entertainment you pick, will set the tone for the whole celebration.

Make the wrong choice and your wedding could be a disaster. Choose the right form of entertainment and you will give your guests one of the most memorable evenings of their lives.

Many couples struggle to choose the entertainment for their wedding. With so many different entertainment options to choose from, it’s natural to feel a little confused.

The most important thing to remember when picking your wedding entertainment is that you should choose something that fit with the theme of your wedding. Your wedding entertainment should also be something that you and the groom-to-be, will enjoy. It is your wedding, after all.

To help you pick the best entertainment for your wedding, we have put together some handy tips below:

Choose entertainment that is suitable for all guests

When choosing your entertainment, ensure that everything, you choose is suitable for all guests. If you have children or older adults in attendance, it is important to make sure that there is entertainment they will also enjoy.

You don’t have to tailor all entertainment to your guests, but it is important that you have entertainment that everyone can enjoy. If you have children in attendance, it is crucial that you make sure that there is entertainment that they will enjoy. For instance, some couples choose to hire a magician or specialist children’s entertainer to keep the kids happy during the celebrations.

Pick entertainment that works in your venue

Before choosing your entertainment, it is important to take your venue into account. You need to think about the size of the venue, as well as what entertainment the venue owner will allow you to have.

Some venues only allow certain types of entertainment, for example, might allow a DJ but not a live band, due to the increased noise. So before booking anything, it is important to speak to the venue owner and find out what type of entertainment is allowed.

Hire a band or DJ

As well as looking at the other entertainment options for your wedding, it is crucial that you hire a band or DJ for your wedding. Regardless of the other types of entertainment you have in place; a wedding isn’t a wedding without music and dancing.

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Don’t just opt for any band or DJ, do you research and pick a function band for hire that is suitable for your celebration. The band you choose should play the type of music you enjoy, be experienced in playing for weddings and not be too expensive.

Make sure when organising the musical part of your wedding, that you choose a band or DJ that can play the type of music you and your partner enjoy. For example, if you like pop music, you don’t want to hire a band that only play rock and roll music, do you?

Have additional entertainment

As well as your main form of entertainment – your band or DJ – it is also worth hiring some additional entertainment. Think about the theme and style of your wedding and consider the types of entertainment that would work well.

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For example, for a vintage style wedding, having vintage-style ice cream bike, retro sweet shop and vintage games would be ideal. Whereas, for a glamorous wedding, a chocolate fountain,  cocktail bar and photo booth, would be ideal forms of entertainment.

Think about the style of your wedding and pick entertainment that fits well with the theme, as well as being fun and enjoyable.

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