Cutting The Cost Of Your Wedding Reception Is Possible With These Tips

Today, weddings are incredibly expensive. The average cost of a wedding in the US is $30,000; that’s a huge chunk of your savings – if you have any- gone. It’s crazy how much you are expected to pay out for, for a beautiful wedding.

But what if, like me, you believe in being frugal? Or, what if you just can’t afford an expensive wedding? What then – can you still get married? Of course, you can. You just have to do it on a budget; that’s all.

One of the biggest costs of getting married is the cost of the reception, so that is what I am going to focus on in this post. Despite what you might have heard, there are so many simple ways you can cut costs and still have an awesome wedding.

With a combination of smart thinking and creativity, you can organize the perfect, budget-friendly reception. All you need to do is follow these simple tips:

Location is key

For many brides, the location of their wedding reception is everything, but it shouldn’t be. Just because you can’t afford to get married in The Plaza, that doesn’t mean your wedding won’t be a success.

Instead of renting the fanciest ballroom you can find, look for wedding venues that are a little bit different. Exclusive locations are always going to have hefty price tags, but smaller hotels will be less expensive.

Be firm with who you invite

Don’t be pushed into inviting people you barely know – when money is tight, you have to be ruthless. Your fourth cousin might be a ‘blood’ relative, but if you’ve only met her once, she really doesn’t need an invite.

Only invite the people who you are truly close to, the people who mean something to you. By cutting down your guest list, you will save a lot on the cost of your reception.

Serve wedding cake for dessert


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Instead of paying out for an expensive dessert for each guest, serve wedding cake for dessert. It might not be traditional, but your cake is there to be eaten. So why not serve it up as dessert?

Using your wedding cake as an alternative to dessert is cost-effective, and a great way to cut the cost of the day. Plus, your guests probably won’t even think twice about having cake for dessert, as long as it’s delicious, that is.

Don’t have a bar

Open bars can tot up to a surprisingly high amount, so it’s probably best not to have one. Instead, why not have a drinks table with bottles of wine, spirits, beers, and soft drinks for guests to help themselves to?

This will work out a lot cheaper than hiring a bar, barman and paying out for all the drinks as well. Just make sure to get a range of drinks, and your guests should be happy with your DIY bar alternative.

It’s amazing how some smart thinking and a little creativity can cut the cost of your wedding reception and make it affordable. Some of these ideas may not be traditional, but as long as everyone has a good time, it really doesn’t matter.

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