Deciding On The Perfect Set-List For Your Wedding Band

When you choose your wedding band, you need to come up with the perfect set list for your ceremony. When the wedding band is playing, the party is on. However, you need to be sure that you are choosing from their repertoire. The wedding band knows what they can play, but they also know that there are songs they can learn if you make a special request.


Read Their Repertoire

When you are choosing from the wedding band’s repertoire, you must make sure that you are reading through every song and taking notes. There are some bands that can play a thousand songs or more. You must take notes when a song catches your eyes. Also, there are some songs that seem strange when you look them over. However, these songs may work well when you begin formulating the list. A good example of this is can be seen by a Leicester based wedding band, These are a soul trio specialising a variety of different styles to which a great set list can be crafted.

Make Requests

You may have a special song that you want the band to play, but you need to make sure it is not on their song list first. If the song is not on their list, you need to be sure that you ask them if they can learn. Most of these bands can learn one song for your pleasure, but there may be some songs that are too complicated.

Creating The List

When you are creating the list, you need to let the band know which songs are special. There is usually a song for the first dance, the dance with the parents and other dances for the bridal party. Every other song on the list you create is simply a song you would like to hear at the party.

If you give the band these parameters, they can create the setlist around your requests. They know how to make the set list sound good based on their style and tendencies. Also, they know where to take a break in the middle of the set to have some cake and champagne.

The goal of a proper set list for your wedding is to make sure the music for your wedding is perfect. You must be willing to look over every single song on the band’s repertoire, but you need to make your special requests in advance of the wedding, too. If you take every step properly, you are going to have more lovely music at your wedding. The music is not yours to perform, but it is yours to choose.

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