Fantastic Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

You may already see your wedding as the most important day of your life. It’s something that will (hopefully) only happen once, and marks you starting a life together with someone you love. If you like being unique in anything you do, then you may feel stuck for wedding ideas from time to time. Weddings are usually so uniform you can even ask a small child what a wedding looks like. They’d probably describe your sister’s or your best friend’s.

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You can make the feel of your wedding unique long before it’s even started! Why not use some personalised wedding invites? If you’ve already got a theme planned for the big day, this is the perfect opportunity to find the perfect invite. From frilly, fantastical cards to dark and formal colours, you’ll be able to find a personalised invite to fit what you have planned for the day. You can even have your wedding stand out from the crowd with unique escort cards. You could buy some polished pebbles and have the information painted on as a lovely souvenir. Or, you might like to write it onto the top of a tasty cupcake or biscuit. Once the guest has found their place at the reception, they can go ahead and eat it instead of fiddling with it awkwardly.

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Yes, I know you’re going to be supplying all your guests with a lot of free booze. However, if you want to make your wedding truly unique there are other things you can do. To make your guests really feel like VIPs, organise some kind of neat little ‘welcome’ present. If a lot of the guests are staying in hotels, then you may want to have some miniature scented soaps set out in baskets. They’ll really appreciate these over the bland, standard bars they’ll be using. You may be lucky enough to run a valet service at your wedding. If so, have the valets place this little gift or something similar in the cars before giving back the keys.

Here’s an idea which I haven’t been able to stop talking about. Before the wedding, get a particularly heart-warming picture of you two, and have it made into a personalised jigsaw. Then, once it arrives, break up the pieces, and have your guests use the backs as guest book entries. No matter where your lives go from the wedding, looking back through the family and friends on these pieces will be a lovely experience. Depending on how much you’re spending on your wedding, you could have something even more permanent. Leave out a couple of silver trays with engraving pens. This will let your guests carve in messages which will last and last.

Hopefully you’ve jumped on one of my ideas straight away! If not, I hope that these suggestions have given you some inspiration you can apply. You’ve probably seen a few weddings before. From our experience, it’s easy to get stuck in one set idea about what the day should look like. Remember that it’s your day, and the only limit to your creativity is going to be stuffy social conventions!

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