Plan Your Wedding in Style

So, you finally kissed goodbye to being single, and got hitched. Plan your wedding, show-off your unique, classy style by shopping at Ocado.  You’ll find everything you need to glam it and take it up a notch on that special day.

Start with flowers to bring your wedding day alive. Adorn your tables  with roses, tulips or lilies.

Get in your early Summer spirit, impress your attendees and get bouquets of cerise roses, Marie Claire roses, and sunflowers.

12image credit Pixbay

Let your love shine with a bouquet of pink Avalanche  roses and white oriental lilies. The contrast of pink and white display beautifully in the sides of windows or center of tables.

Go for fun, unique plates

Serve your food in style and go for pink pastel ombre paper plates. For a stylish combination get gold foil plates.

Compliment your plates with your napkins.

Keep it classy, go for great design, and get gold star napkins. Consider silver star napkins for a superb combination. Your attendees will wonder where you got your napkins from. Mesmerize with your fab decorations you found in Ocado.

Get one-of-a-kind confetti gems

Make this special occasion, even more unique with confetti gems. A definite must to complete the table.

Now that you got the supplies checked, time to treat your attendees.

Choose the best champagne and opt for Dom Perignon. Your attendees will have an indulgent experience and sip a very smooth tasting champagne.

Keep it with roses, get a sublime and unique tasting champagne. Go for Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose Champagne that pairs well with any entree, main dish or dessert.

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Go for luxurious wine glasses

Indulge more and opt for wine glasses with crystallized Swarovski elements to serve your champagne. Everyone in your reception will fall in love with these glitzy glasses.

Keep it simple with glass tumblers

For those that prefer liquor or cocktails get crystal glass tumblers. With plenty of room for ice and beverage of choice, these are a must.

Make your wedding day special and indulge with unique, classy items from Ocado. Share your love for the best with your attendees and shop at Groupon Discount Codes page for Ocado.

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